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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


  • Goods are booked at owner’s risk unless otherwise cynically arranged.
  • The Transport company will not be responsible for leakage, shortage or damage by sun fire orrain or loss by theft, pilferage, dacoity or civil commotion or any other causes beyond their control.
  • Fresh fruit carried absolutely at owner’s risk.
  • The goods will be sent at the earliest possible opportunity of the transport company in one lot or parts according to its convenience and will not be responsible for delays.
  • Goods will be delivered at the destination in the godown of the transport company unless settled otherwise in writing against payment of all dues mentioned on the receipt and all transit expenses including custom , octroi and any other expenses incurred.
  • Goods are to be delivered at the destination an production of this receipt against payment mentioned on it and other custom, octrai and transit expenses incurred.
  • The delivery is to be taken within 30 Days.
  • In case delivery is not taken within the due time demurrage @9.5% per month will charged and after 45 days the transport company reserves every right to sale the goods after serving notice to the sender and sale proceeds will be adjust towards the transport company’s due in case of shortage the sender will be responsible today the balance.
  • If the consignment of GR does not reach the destination within 30 days from the date of booking of for any other loss the claim shall be made within 15 days after the delivery date.
  • After the delivery is taken on claim will be entertained.
  • Transport company Is not be responsible for any wrong assessment of the octrai or custom.
  • In the case of the different found in the actual weight and the other shown G.R. the transport company will recover full charges at the destination for actual rate weight plus 30% extra.
  • Transport company is not responsible for the delivery by the wrong party against the GR.
  • All dispute to be settled by arbitration and the decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding both the parties. The manager of the transport company will be the arbitrator.